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5 Tips for Shopping Online

Though we are relatively close to the Mall of America, it’s not practical for getting our dose of shopping. With Menomonie being a fashion desert, online shopping is a great place to fall back on. Beside it being convenient, you can explore new stores and find want you want with the click of a button. Despite how addicting it is, there are some guidelines you should follow to get the most out of your virtual shopping experience.

Look at Size Charts

You might be a size 6 in one store, but wear a size 8 from another. Clothing stores don’t have a standardized fit, so that means their sizes can vary. Get yourself measured and find your accurate numbers in order to buy the correct size. It’s more difficult to exchange sizes when ordering online, so you want to get it right from the get-go. It’s also important to know what styles work for your body, this way you aren’t unsatisfied when you get your package in the mail. Ex. I like high waisted jeans (which I know I look good in) vs bandage skirts which make me look shorter.

Know How You’ll Wear It

If you don’t know how you’ll incorporate a piece into your wardrobe, don’t buy it. If you’re not sure when you’re sitting in front of the screen, you probably won’t know later. You want to buy pieces that fit seamlessly into your current wardrobes- items that you can mix and match. If you don’t have anything to wear with it, it means it’ll stay in your closet with the tags still on it.

Avoid Scam Sites

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That $10 cocktail dress might have a pretty price tag, but chances are you are in for a whole lot of disappointment.


Reading customer reviews is essential in online shopping. With the clothes off in cyberspace, you need to rely on the experiences of those who have already worn the garment. Sometimes the reviews can help steer you away from making a bad purchase or give you the final nudge to splurge on an item. 

Shop Around

Don’t just hit the Add to Cart button instantly. Take a while to shop around, look and see what is currently in. By not buying the first thing you see, you have time to prioritize your purchases and look for better deals. When I shop, I like to add the items I like to my wish list. This allows me to look at everything I’m interested in, in one place. With the items laid out next to each other, you can better pick and choose what you actually like and compare sales.

Olivia is a Professional Communications in Emerging Media student at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. Currently the Campus Correspondent for Stout's chapter, she hopes to find a career in journalism. Originally from Milwaukee, Olivia has put her city life on hold to follow her dreams. You can follow her at her Instagram or blog, Olivia Marie.
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