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5 Things from the Men’s Department that You’ll Love

1)      Boyfriend Jeans: This is a great trick if you’re in love with this type of style. Men’s “boyfriend jeans” are generally less expensive than those offered in the women’s department. As an added bonus, they will be naturally looser and slouchier.



2)      Oversized Flannels: This is something I tend to wear a lot in the fall, and I get most of mine from the men’s department. The sizes run much bigger so they actually will be “oversized.” They’re great for wearing as a light jacket. If it’s long enough, you can even pair it with some tights and boots and wear it as a dress. Places like Ragstock have tons of designer flannels like the ones below for around $8.00.



3)      Sweaters: The men’s department have a lot of really nice and shabby-chic sweaters in the fall and winter. The larger sizing will also help achieve the “oversized” look yoou might be going for.




4)      Beanies: A lot of beanies for girls are usually very tight and small. However, most of them in the men’s section are very loose and you open up a whole new color and pattern variety.



5)      Shoes: I can proudly say most of my Vans are actually from the men’s side. They have a lot more variety and they fit just like the Vans for women. Some boots also work great for those trendy fall outfits.


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