5 Relatable Facts For College Students Going Home For Thanksgiving

Going home for Thanksgiving is a crazy time of year. Many college students haven't been home since September and at this point in the semester, we all need a good break. However, going home isn't all sugarplums and applesauce. Here are some relatable facts on what it is like going home for Thanksgiving break:


Getting excited to eat real food

I don't remember the last time I even saw real potatoes. How are we surviving like this?

Flexing your best outfits on your relatives

It's time to break out your best outfit. 

Hearing the tea on the family drama

  Moms always have the best gossip on what the rest of the family is up to.

Being temporarily free from homework

Just push those intrusive responsibilities to the side for a while. 

Bringing leftovers back to college with you

They usually don't last very long, but it's like bringing a little bit of home with you. 

Thanksgiving break is great, but without a doubt, the best part is getting to spend time with family.