5 Reasons You Should Attend Relay For Life

Relay for Life is being held this Friday, April 21st in the MPR, and there are many reasons you should go.

1. It supports the fight against cancer

The event’s purpose is to raise money and awareness in order to fight cancer and increase the survival rates of the people it affects. The ultimate goal of the organization is to eliminate cancer entirely.

2. There’s tons of great food

All of the organizations that attend the event have some kind of fundraiser at their booths and many of them choose to sell food! It’s like a mini fair, so if you enjoy stuff like cake pops, mac and cheese, and other goodies, this is the place to be.

3. It's super fun

Not only do many of the organizations have activities to do at their booths, but the hosts of the event hold fun activities throughout the night like Zumba, yard games, and lip sync battles.

4. You can win stuff!

There’s raffles, which means lots and lots of prizes.

5. It’ll make you feel good​

Research has shown that volunteering and helping other people makes you happy. So what better way to do that than a fun event like Relay For Life?