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5 Reasons that I Think You Should Love Cats

Cats are one of this Earth’s finest creations, though I may be biased. While they’re one of the most popular pets that people have, doggos still get more love and appreciation. While dogs are just as cute and lovable, I decided that I was going to give the feline family a bit of a spotlight this week and give you all the reasons why you should love cats.


Purr, purr, purr…

Have you ever had the honor of petting a cat and then you suddenly hear this dull rumble that sounds like a motorcycle starting off in the distance? That’s what happiness sounds like. Knowing that you made a cat that happy just because you couldn’t keep your hands off their fluffiness is one of the best feelings in the world.

Silly kitties

Cats are pretty entertaining to watch. Most people think that all they do is sleep and eat, which is only partially true. In the hour that they’re awake during the day, they’re quite goofy, especially when they’re young. One of my favorite things is when they see something on TV and want to chase it, but can’t seem to find where it went. My cat, Jasmine, is quite a fan of Ghost Adventures, specifically when light anomalies float around the screen.

Little ball of fur

Cuddling with a cat is like cuddling with a ball of love. It’s an activity that can definitely change a bad mood into good. It’s better than cuddling with a teddy bear in my opinion. It gives you that sense of love and there isn’t a better feeling in the world.


When your cat shows you the floofen, you know you’ve got a sassy one. To further explain, a floofen is a piece of anatomy on a cat that shows the amount of sass. It’s quite common among cats, which adds to the silent stereotype that all kitty cats are sassy little devils.

The cat owns the house, i just live in it

Spoiling our cats is something that just kind of happens. We don’t mean to give them oodles of toys or a cat stroller to take them on walks or give up our luxurious fluffy blanket to them. As an owner, it’s not our fault that cats are just adorable and hard to say no to.

I hope that the dear photos of my cats and my reasonings helped you to love cats more than you already did, even if it’s just a teeny bit. 

I like cats, the Green Bay Packers, and One Direction. That's about it.
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