5 Places to Grab a Cup of Iced Coffee in Menomonie

Don't get me wrong, I'm the type of person that will still be walking to class with an iced coffee in -20 degrees Fahrenheit. But, there's just something that feels so right about sipping a chilly coffee on a warm, summer day. So whether you're driving down Broadway Street with the all the windows rolled down or walking around Stout's campus, here are five places to grab a cup of iced coffee in Menomonie.

1. Marion's Legacy

This cozy coffee shop is located on Broadway Street, right next to campus.  Coffee lovers are greeted by the chiming of bells as they enter the door. Marion's offers iced coffee and espresso beverages with a variety of flavors to choose form. On-the-go coffee drinkers can grab a half-gallon carton of Marion's cold-brewed coffee concentrate to make your own at home. Not only does Marion's offer great coffee, but also has an array of chocolate and bakery items. 

2. Acoustic Cafe

Known for their hot hoagies, local beers, and live music, the Acoustic Cafe also offers great, close-to-campus iced coffee. Inside the brick building, visitors can take a break during the day to sit back, enjoy some music, and lounge in one of the arm chairs, relaxing with a cup of freshly made iced coffee.

3. Raw Deal

Those who live in Menomonie will associate the image of an avocado with Raw Deal. With an espresso bar and house-roasted coffee, this local, vegan and vegetarian restaurant provides customers with a cold cup of coffee to pair with their organic, raw menu items. This historic building also houses live music and community events. 

4. Caribou Coffee

This premium coffee chain has not one, not two, but three locations in Menomonie. No matter what part of town you're in, you won't be too far away from sporting that familiar reindeer on the side of your cup. You can choose from the classic cold brew coffee or the iced version of your favorite signature drink from this chain coffee shop. All three Menomonie locations offer a drive thru, so it's a great option for the on-the-go Menomonie iced coffee lover.

5. Brew Devils

No Starbucks in Menomonie? Not a problem at Stout. Brew Devils, located in the lower level of the Memorial Student Center, serves a limited menu of your Starbucks favorites. Whether you enjoy a classic, cold brew Starbucks drinker or love the iced caramel macchiato, Brew Devils is a great, on-campus option for coffee lovers to find that familiar taste of a Starbucks coffee.

Classes are finally wrapping up and the weather is warming up. What a better way to celebrate summer in Menomonie than with your favorite iced coffee?