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5 Must Watch Documentaries on Netflix

I might be one of the only college students that actually enjoys watching a documentary. Yet, there is something entirely satisfying about sitting back to relax with an open mind to educational, creative, or informative content. Movies have their purpose, but documentaries have the power to alter your perspective and challenge the way you think. 

1. The Hunting Ground

A hauntingly perfect masterpiece, The Hunting Ground tackles the ever present issue of rape on college campuses. Prepare to feel so incredibly angry, yet entirely sad, as young women share their experiences with rape during their time as a student and their lack of support and understanding from their university and fellow students. 

2. Miss Representation

The media surrounds us in every part of our lives from the shows we watch, the music we listen to, and even this article you’re reading right now. The images we see growing up have a large impact on how feel and act towards those around us. Miss Representation takes on our society’s views of women and how they are to be perceived because of it.


A Netflix Original docu-series, Rotten explores the corruption in the food industry. As consumers, we most likely don’t know how our food gets to our tables. It is important to understand where our food comes from and the cruelty that is involved throughout. 

4. She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Feminist icons? CHECK Women’s Rights? CHECK. Do I really need to say more? 

5. Amanda Knox

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned murder mystery. Dive into the still controversial case in which American teenager, Amanda Knox was convicted of the murder of her roommate in Italy in 2007. Did she do it? I guess we’ll never truly know, but everyone has their own ideas about what happened. 

Olivia is a Professional Communications in Emerging Media student at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. Currently the Campus Correspondent for Stout's chapter, she hopes to find a career in journalism. Originally from Milwaukee, Olivia has put her city life on hold to follow her dreams. You can follow her at her Instagram or blog, Olivia Marie.
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