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5 Fall Activities You Must Do Now

Well, Stout students, it’s fall!  We’ve kissed the sweltering summer days’ goodbye and we’re onto the crisp fall days of crunchy leaves in hues of red and gold under our feet.  But it’s easy to get caught up in classes and Netflix. We forget that winter is fast approaching like an ‘ex’ with a vengeance.  Just think: it snowed on October 3 of last year.  So in an effort to preserve our outdoor time while it doesn’t cause us frostbite, here are 5 Fall Activities You Must Do Now!


1.    Walking/Biking the Red Cedar Trail



This gem of a trail is right in our backyard. Although I’m sure it’s pretty in summer too, you simply can’t beat the fall colors and the river views that come with this time of year.


2.    Govin’s Corn Maze



This place is pretty popular here in Menomonie.  Stop by for all your favorite fall traditions like wagon rides and especially the Garth Brooks shaped corn maze!  But if that’s not your speed, who doesn’t love shooting pumpkins out of a cannon?  Visit this website for hours and more information.


3.    Pumpkin Carving/Painting



There’s nothing more satisfying in fall than scooping out handfuls of pumpkin guts to create a masterpiece.  Newsflash: it’s actually an art form (a.k.a. not just for children).


4.    S’mores on an Open Fire



Ward off Jack Frost a little longer with a campfire tradition!  There is something wonderful about warming up by the fire on an October evening and eating a gooey s’more.


5.    Halloween Costume Fun


(Photo Courtesy of 2014-2015 4th Floor Antrim/Froggatt)


So maybe you get a weird look if you’re 20 and knocking on doors for Halloween candy, but there’s plenty of adult fun to be had with costume parties and haunted houses nonetheless.  Check out campus events to find out which residence halls are preparing what activities so you can plan your costumes accordingly!



Kate is a junior at University of Wisconsin Stout.  She is a Professional Communication and Emerging Media major, with a concentration in Applied Journalism and a minor in Speech Communication.   Very soon she will also be dual majoring in Digital Marketing Technology. Her interests include blogging, writing, swing dancing, watching movies and (yes) training llamas back home.  Check out her blog at http://collegiettebyday.com
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