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5 DIYs to Makeover Your Shoes

While at college, our budgets don’t allow us to satisfy our love of shoes with shopping sprees. Instead of spending all your money at ALDO on new shoes, you can makeover over a pair of your old shoes for less than $10. These easy DIYs will give your shoes a new look while hardly costing a thing.


A pair of black heels can be a staple in any girl’s closet. But sometimes that monochrome look just isn’t enough. With a few gemstones, your can have your favorite pair of heels looking expensive and glamorous.


Are you tired of those plain old sneakers that have been sitting in the back of your closet for the past year? You don’t have to be. By adding some studs to your shoes, you can give them a much trendier style.


Combat boots are a fall essential. But last year they were scuffed up a time or two. But, by adding a gold tip to the front of the shoes you can easily cover this up. It gives them a new look, while covering up old flaws.


Chelsea boots have been a crowd favorite this year. To keep your pair from looking last season, give your shoes a makeover by adding a glitter detail.  This updated look will give your boots a classy new vibe.


Nobody said basic flats had to be so “basic”. You can give a simple flat a much more interesting look by creating a pattern. Create some stripes or a checkerboard pattern with only a little bit of paint

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