5 Classic Wisconsin Foods to Enjoy This Summer

As the state begins to thaw, the grills light up, and the smell of Wisconsin’s summer foods begin to waft through the neighborhoods. Here are 5 summer foods that just scream Wisconsin.

1. Cheese curds

It’s Wisconsin, so you better believe there’s some cheesy treats to find here. Sure, you can get cheese curds year round, but what better way to eat them than at a summer county fair?

2. Beer 

What is more Wisconsin than cheese? Well beer of course. I mean, we have a baseball team called the Brewers. Wisconsin is home to tons of amazing breweries, like New Glarus and Leinenkugle’s (Summer Shandy anyone?), that will surely scratch that itch for a cold one by the lake.

3. Brats

Brats are hotdogs more mature, older brother that love to spice up backyard grills all over Wisconsin. Nothing compares to a good brat at a Fourth Of July barbeque.

4. Ice cream

Wisconsin is all about dairy, and who doesn’t love a delicious ice cream cone on a hot day? For maximum Wisconsin-ness, have one for dessert after you eat everything else on this list.  

5. Cranberries

Oh no, a fruit! Jokes aside, cranberries are awesome and definitely count as a Wisconsin summer food. They’re the state fruit, and also its number one fruit crop. Wisconsin is home to the biggest cranberry festival in the world, which during the last week of September turns the small town of Warrens into a bustling metropolis where you’re sure to have a berry good time.