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4 Ways College Students Waste Time

If you’re a college student, then you’ve wasted time at least once in your college career. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well then keep following along. 

I’m talking about doing absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing! Here are four ways that college students do absolutely nothing, but don’t realize that they’re doing nothing. 

1.)    Hanging out with friends in the dorms

You can imagine how this starts – you get a call or text from one of your friends saying “come over” and what do you do? Well, first you realize that you are doing nothing, that you’re just sitting in your room surfing the internet. So you head over to your friend’s place with the mindset of doing something productive. Then what happens? Nothing; you both end up doing the same thing you were doing at your dorm, but the fact that there’s two of you doing nothing and neither one of you notices. 

2.)    Going on social media as a break from homework 

Imagine how many times you’ve gone on social media just to check one thing, but before you know it, it’s one in the morning.

3.)   Video chatting with your best friend for “five minutes,” that somehow turns into five hours

4.)    Telling yourself that you’re only going to take a “quick nap” 

Basically, we trick ourselves into thinking that we’re actually being productive when in reality we’re just hanging out with our friends to do nothing. Same with social media, video chatting and even taking naps. Even when we don’t realize it, we are still using all these things as a way of distracting ourselves. 

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