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4 Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

Weddings occur year round and if you happen to be invited to one it’s important to have a game plan prepared for your hair. These hairstyles are perfect for weddings and anyone can do them! They’ll complement any outfit and are super time efficient. Read on to find out how you can say “I Do” to one of these hairstyles.



1.       Twisted Up-Do


This hairstyle is great for hot climates. It keeps your hair off your neck and has an elegant touch to it. To begin, add texture by curling your hair with a ½ inch or a 1 inch barrel wait until the curls cool down completely. Next, move or lightly brush all the hair to the back and section your hair from front to back in three equal sections and take the middle section and tie it into a low ponytail. From there, if you want the bun to be extra voluminous, you can tease it to your liking. Then wrap it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins or elastics. Once the bun is secure you can wrap the section as a whole or divide the hair up into multiple sections to make twists. Once your sections are twisted, you can pull on parts of it to make it more voluminous and pull it back to wrap around your bun. The hairstyle will change depending on how tightly or loosely the bun is pulled. Repeat these steps on the other side and make it as “put together” or messy as you like. Finish off with some hairspray and you’re done!


2.       Pulled Back Hairstyle 



This hairstyle is great for all hair lengths. This hairstyle is great because it’s equal parts time efficient and simple. If you prefer bigger and looser curls, I suggest using a 1 inch to 1 ½ inch barrel. When creating bigger curls, a great way for them to stay put all day or night long is to keep them wrapped and pin them before you let them fall with bobby pins or small clips. For smaller curls, repeat the same process with smaller sections and a smaller barrel. After you’ve pinned all of your curls, wait until all of them are completely cool and then remove the clips or bobby pins. Next, spray with hairspray over all of the curls and gently using a wide tooth comb so you don’t disturb the curls completely. Be sure to run the comb through your hair to loosen the curls. Then part your hair to one side and grab a two inch section from right above the ear and pull it upwards and away from your face and secure with bobby pins that match your hair color. Depending on how loose or tight you pull the hair will vary this hairstyle. Repeat on the other side and add any accessories if you like. Lastly, apply hairspray and you’re done!


3.       Criss-Cross Twisted Half Up Hairstyle



Similar to the pulled back hairstyle, this one looks beautiful with curls and uses the same exact steps of curling as I mentioned above. Basically you’re repeating the process of curling and pinning. Once your curls are cooled you can take out the clips/bobby pins and hairspray the curls. From there divide the hair to one side and then, starting on one side, grab a one inch section of hair starting at about your eyebrow and twist the section as tightly or loosely as you like. Pull it to the back of your head and use bobby pins that match your hair to pin it in place. Then, moving to the other side, grab another one inch section and twist it. Pull that section behind your head and place it directly under the section you just pinned. If you overlap the sections a little it will help hide the bobby pins better. Repeat this process by moving back and forth on each side. You can create as many twists as you like but if you aren’t sure I recommend doing about two twists on each side. Finish the look with hairspray and you’re done!


4.       Voluminous Curls



With this hairstyle, it’s extremely important you pin the curls before letting them fall when you’re curling with a 1 inch to 1 ½ inch barrel. Also, don’t forget to wait until all of the curls have completely cooled down. For extra hold on this hairstyle I like to apply a little bit of hairspray while the curls are still pinned up after I let the hairspray dry and then I’ll typically take down the curls. After taking out the curls, flip your head over and run your fingers through your hair and shake it up. Be sure to hairspray while your hair is still flipped over and flip it back up. From here, if you want more elegant curls, you can take a wide tooth comb and gently run it through the curls. If you are looking for more volume at the top you can tease near the roots. Finishing up, pull the hair to one side and hairspray one last time for extra hold. This hairstyle will be sure to catch you some looks so go and rock it!



Weddings are such a joyous time for everyone so why not go out and look amazing all day and night? All of these hairstyles are super easy to do and take such little time! Enjoy the weddings and congratulations to all the newly wed couples out there!

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