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30 Menomonie-Area Birthday Freebies!


Birthdays are the best day of the year. They’re wonderful moments dedicated to celebrating your life with family and friends. But being in college can be stressful on your birthday since you may not always have the extra cash for celebrations. However, you don’t have to worry, since many restaurants and retail stores honor your birthday by giving away free stuff. Making the drive around town while collecting all the freebies is a great way to get a few free meals and items that you can bring home to use and/or refrigerate all week long! Simply making an account with each company is all that’s required! See end of article for registration tips.


The top 30 Freebies 35 miles within the Menomonie area include:

1.       Acoustic Café: Free sandwich

2.       Applebee’s: Free dessert

3.       Arby’s: Free milkshake with purchase

4.       Aveda: Free birthday gift

5.       Buffalo Wild Wings: Free snack size boneless wings



6.       Cancun Mexican Grill: Free dessert

7.       Caribou Coffee: Free medium drink

8.       Cold Stone Creamery: BOGO coupon

9.       Culver’s: Free One-scoop custard

10.       Dairy Queen: BOGO Blizzard 

11.      Denny’s: Free Grand Slam breakfast



12.       Dickey’s BBQ Pit: BOGO BBQ sandwich

13.       Fireside Subs: Free medium sub

14.       Kohl’s: Free $10 gift card (by mail)

15.       The Market Bar: Free drinks all night with wristband (21+)

16.       Marion’s Legacy: Free cupcake



17.       Olive Garden: Free appetizer or dessert

18.       Orange Julius: BOGO Orange Julius or smoothie drink

19.       Panera Bread: Free pastry

20.       Perkins: Free Magnificent 7 breakfast

21.       Pretzel Maker: Free pretzel bites with drink purchase

22.       Red Robin: Free burger

23.       Sephora: Free cosmetic item



24.       Starbucks: Free beverage

25.       Subway: Free 6 inch sub & drink

26.       Taco John’s: Free Cinna-bites

27.       T.G.I. Friday’s: Free dessert

28.       Ulta: Free cosmetic

29.       Victoria’s Secret: Free $10 gift card (by mail)



30.   Wendy’s: $1 off a value meal

But the freebies don’t end there! Many local Menomonie businesses and restaurants offer a free dessert and, if you’re over 21, birthday shots or drinks! If you are traveling outside of the Menomonie area, be sure to check out the 60 other freebies you can take advantage of here!

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


TIPS for Registering for Freebies

1.    Make sure that you put your accurate birthday. 

2.    Register least a month or so in advance to make sure they get sent to you.

3.    If you’re worried about email spam, easily change the settings to coupons and promotions only.

4.    Some deals are only valid during your birthday month, week or day. Beware of experation dates.

5.    Valid ID and printed coupon may be required for redemption.

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