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3 Easy & Beautiful Holiday Hairstyles

The holidays are just around the corner! With all the panic of buying presents and figuring out transportation to different places, it can be chaotic! As a person who understands the stress of the holiday season, I’ve come up with 3 super easy and absolutely adorable hairstyles that will take no time at all. They’ll be sure to impress all of your family and friends this holiday season!



1. Top Bun With Ribbon or Bow



This hairstyle takes only minutes to do, and with a festive little string of ribbon tied around or an adorable bow on the side, your hairdo will be the talk of the holiday party! To start this hairstyle, I recommend curling your hair with your favorite curling iron. Wait for all the curls to cool completely, gather all the hair up on the top of your head and tie the hair into a messy bun. Using a bun maker will work great for this hairstyle if you want the bun to look more “put together.” You can either make the hairstyle as messy or fancy as you want! Secure your bun with a ponytail and/or bobby pins. Make sure to apply some hairspray for extra hold. You can either tie your favorite piece of holiday ribbon around the bun or tie it however you like. Simply add your bow on the side of the bun to complete the look!


2. Curly Hair With A Sparkly Headband



This style is easy and will be sure to make a statement! If you want big voluminous curls, use a 1-inch barrel and gently comb through the curls with either your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to loosen them. For added volume you can tease the roots. If you want waves instead of curls, I recommend using a ½ or 1-inch barrel and hold the hair on the barrel for around 5-10 seconds, leaving out the ends. Simply spray the curls or waves with some hairspray and add in your favorite sparkly headband! 


3. French Twist



This classic look is a beautiful hairstyle that will go out of style. It’s classy, professional, and absolutely stunning. You can either begin this hairdo with curly or straight hair. I recommend lightly teasing and adding in a texturizing spray to make the look a bit messier. Then gather the hair on the back of your head into a ponytail and then move the hair a little farther to one side. Then, while still holding the hair, move out to the ends and begin to wrap the hair vertically around 2 or 3 fingers until you reach the end and begin to bobby pin. If you want a tighter “bun”, simply pull the hair tighter. If you want a looser look, wrap the hair looser. It’s important to bobby pin all the sides so your elegant hairdo won’t fall out halfway through your holiday party! I recommend being generous with the hairspray or using a hard hold hairspray. Once you’re finished, you can either leave the look how it is or add a sparkly clip in the back.



No matter how busy your Christmas schedule is, these hairstyles are super quick and easy to do! They are beautiful and are sure to get you lots of compliments! Feel free to customize these hairdos as your own. May you all have a very merry and safe holiday season!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Jacobson, but most people call me Liz for short. I am a sophomore this year at UW-Stout to get my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I plan to have an emphasis in entrepreneurship so that after college I can pursue my dreams of owning my own store. I have a passion for writing. I love new ideas, meeting new people, and exploring different things in life. 
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