20 Things You Experience While Working University Dining

1.       Realizing how overpriced some of the menu options are (*cough*cheese curds*cough*)

2.       When you’re completely broke and pick up 4 hours shifts just to get a free meal.

3.       No one is killing it in the navy polo…

4.       Even if you wear your cutest shoes.

5.       Knowing you’ve made a terrible mistake when you chose to work the morning prep.

6.       Getting that 8am call asking if you could come in immediately because someone didn’t show up to their shift and you haven't even started your day yet. 

7.       Really getting to know the weirder sides of your coworkers when it’s slow.

8.       And you’re just as weird with them.

9.       No matter how many times you think you’ll be fine, you will continue to scorch your hands on hot pans in hot wells with boiling hot water.

10.   Trying to make the perfect looking pizza. 

11.   The feeling of failure when you make someone’s order wrong.

12.   Or when you make an order wrong and the customer doesn’t catch it and you really hope they don’t remember you.

13.   People watching while cashiering.

14.   Imagining how strong you look when you are carrying heavy objects like full garbage bags or full pans with one hand.

15.   Explaining to people why your shirt has the word “WOW” on it.

16.   Having a really quiet customer and you have to speak louder in hope that they will get the hint that you can’t hear a word of what they just ordered.

17.   Having long hair and trying to impossibly fit it all in a bun with your hat.

18.   Trying to cool your body temperature in the coolers after standing by the grill for a good hour after a big rush of customers.

19.   Pretending you’re a master chef while making an order.

20.   Always having dry hands from washing your hands all the time (and then the relief that you remembered there is a bottle of lotion somewhere).