16 Stages of Moving Out As Told By The Kardashians

If you are a freshman moving to home, a sophomore who signed a lease for a house in town, or a graduate leaving good ol’ Menomonie to bigger and better things, we all feel the excitement of new potential to wherever we are going. We just want finals to be over with so we can enjoy our summers (or start working for the next three and a half months). That innocent joy will always be ruined though as you actually begin the packing process and the part where you have to do it yourself. We all go through many stages of moving out so remember you are not alone.

1. You’ll Pinterest ways to organize how you’ll pack and unpack your belongings.


2. You pack one or two boxes up about 3 weeks in advance because you are that excited to head out.


3. You won’t actually start the real process until the last minute though because you really had better things to do.


4. You realize you have too much stuff. How did you even get all this here?


5. You either run out of boxes or don’t care about organizing and labeling anymore so you just shove anything that will fit decently.


6. You come across something you forgot you had and distract yourself with it for a good hour.


7. You somehow find a lot of motivation to get through as much packing as you can…


8. But half way through you get tired and your break turns into ignoring your packing process for a few more days.


9. Having something for over a year and have never used it, yet, you still pack it up because you might need it one day.


10. If you miraculously are packed up in time, you have to try living out of a duffle for the last day or two because you thought you’d be saving yourself by packing early.


11. The sadness you feel because you realize you’re moving out of a place you made so many memories in.


12. OR the happiness you feel because you really had an awful time with your roommate(s).


13. When you realize you need tools to take apart bed frames for lofts but you threw away all the tools that came with it or have to go to the front desk to get them.


14. Frantically cleaning everything in an attempt to get all of your security deposit back or to make your dorm room inspection.


15. Driving with mountainous amount of your stuff in your car and hoping that no one thinks you’re a hoarder or living out of your vehicle.


16. Then you finally get to your destination and the whole process starts over with unpacking.