14 Stages of An Interview, As Told By Friends

1. You try to give yourself confidence that you can nail this interview because who wouldn’t want to hire you?

2. But once you get to the interview, you can’t control your nervous breakdown.

3.  During the interview, you can’t seem to keep still.

4. You’re asked to tell them about yourself.

5. They ask you about any hobbies you have.

6. Then they ask you how you handle times of stress.

7. And where you see yourself in 5 years.

8. After the interview, you’re more than willing to leave as quickly as you came.

9. Then comes the waiting for the call or email back…

10. And then being too afraid to look at the email or answer the phone call.

11. You muster up your strength, knowing no shame will come upon your family if you don’t get this one job...

12. But they want you to come back and work for them!

13. You have landed the job!

14. And you shall make it rain as soon as you get your first pay check!