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12 Signs You’re a Broke College Student

1.Ramen noodles are considered a gourmet meal. 

2.You haven’t washed your comforter since last semester. 

3.Your mom knows what you are calling to ask for, so she stops taking your call$. 

4.You find yourself budgeting at the grocery store.

5.The things you don’t use or like anymore are sold to Plato’s Closet for spare change.

6.You pay for fast food in coins.

7.Red Dog, Hamms, and Boxer are your current beers of choice. 

8.Your trash is lined with Walmart bags instead of hefty bags.

9.You’re on the lookout for freebies.

10.All of your condiments are extras from fast food places.

11.You wait to eat until 9p.m. because that is when half off apps start at Applebee’s.

12.Every payday is a celebration.

Hi, I am a Junior at UW-Stout and I am in the PCEM major with a concentration in Journalism.
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