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10 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Festive For Christmas

It’s fun to get into the Christmas spirit, but decorating a dorm room in college can be a little difficult. Here are some easy and adorable ideas to decorate a dorm room. These cute ideas will have your wallet, and even Santa, saying “Wow!”

Cut Out Snowflakes

This is a way to add a little flair and creativity to the room. It’s also an awesome way to add a personalized touch. Cutting out snowflakes is easy and there is no right or wrong way to do it!

Use Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas lights are a super cute way to not only add light to a dorm room but, whether they are colorful or not, they are also super adorable. Just don’t forget to unplug them.

Hang Stockings

It’s tradition to hang the stockings over the fireplace, but since dorms don’t allow actual fireplaces inside the rooms, you can create your own with some paper or cut out a picture from the internet. It’s not as warm, but it’ll be just as cute and charming.

Decorate With Santa Hats

The great thing about decorating your dorm room with Santa hats is that you can wear them whenever you want and when you aren’t wearing them, they turn into an adorable decoration.

Hang A Wreath

You can buy a wreath or make your own and hang it on the door. It’s a cute touch and really gets your dorm neighbors in the holiday spirit.

Decorate The Door

There are so many different ideas on how you can decorate your door. You can make Santa, a snowman, hang your snowflakes, etc. Get creative and just have fun with it! After all, that’s what Christmas is all about!

Use Removable Sticky Window Decorations

These decorations are super cute to add to your window to show everyone on campus your festive spirit. Make sure they are the ones that can be easily removed so that you don’t damage the window.

Play All The Christmas Music

If you have a stereo, just blast your Christmas music. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear” -Buddy, Elf

Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hanging tree ornaments around the room is a super easy way to decorate a room. They bring a super festive and fun look to the room.

Make a Christmas Tree

Since most dorms don’t allow Christmas trees, real or fake, you can build your own out of your school textbooks, ornaments, or just simply use a car air freshener. Use whatever you want or have on hand. It’ll look great no matter what you use.

The holidays are an awesome time for decorating and having fun. Decorating your college dorm doesn’t have to be hard or costly. Have a fun and safe holiday season this year, and may Santa bring you all the gifts you ever wanted and dreamed of.

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