10 Stages of Walking to Class in the Snow

While anyone from the northern states is used to snow, it always makes walking to class a challenge.

1. Praying that class got canceled

Constantly refreshing your email will definitely help.


2. Mental preparation

To stay warm in the snow, one must become the snow.


3. Physical preparation

You've already dug out every scarf, hat and mitten you own.


4. Rockin' the marshmello look

Suddenly, you're having A Christmas Story flashbacks.


5. Beginning the walk

I mean it's not too bad if you think about it.


6. Realizing that literally no one has shoveled

I'll just slip on the ice. It's fine.


7. Getting snow in your shoe

The worst.


8. Seeing your building ahead

You're almost there!


9. Seeing everyone else all bundled up

At least we're all miserable together.


10. Getting into class and overheating

You forgot how high your school blasts the heat.


While we love a good night in with a hot cocoa and snow falling in the background, walking to class in a blizzard isn't the most fun thing in the world.