10 Signs You Have the Best Mom in the World

A mother is a very special person and plays a very special role in your everyday life. You have connected with her since day one and she has watched you grow into the person you are today. Since Mother’s Day is approaching soon, here are some reminders that you have the best mom in the world.  

1. You can always go to your her for advice

No matter how big of a hole you dug yourself, your mom is always willing to give you the right advice and help you out. Sometimes you dont always want to hear what she has to tell you, but she is always right. 

2. She is a your number one fan

Through all of your trials and accomplishments, your mom is your biggest fan and the loudest one in the crowd.

3. She always puts you first

No matter what is going on in her busy schedule, she always finds time for her children. 

4. You can always count on three or four calls from your mom throughout the day to check on you

Sometimes all of the missed calls and texts can be annoying, but she is just calling to check up on you.

5. She always reminds you how much she loves you 

She may not always like you and the things you do, but your mother always loves you.

6. Of course, she always gives you money when you need it

When you're broke and don't know what to do, she is the first person you call and the only person that will empty her wallet for you.

7. Everyone loves your mom

Your friends have only good things to say about your mom. Sometimes your friends like your mom more than they actually like you. 

8. She is funny (sometimes)

She likes to think she is funny, but sometimes her jokes are actually impressive. 

9. She defends you when need be

When you tell your mom about some issues you are having, she is ready to kick some.... you know what. 

10. She is always there to celebrate your accomplishments 

She is the first person you call when you something good happens and tends to brag about your accomplishments to her friends. She always makes sure you know that she is proud of you.