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10 Mandela Effects That Will Mess With Your Mind

Is there ever something that you remember, so vividly and clearly in your mind, and you come to find out that it was wrong and it was something else. That is the Mandela Effect. These are ten of the craziest Mandela Effects that may mess with your mind.

1. Berenstein Bears is Actually Berenstain Bears Ok, I know what your thinking, there is no way that it’s Berenstain. But, I’m here to deliver the truth no matter how much it hurts. The fact of the matter is you’ve been saying it wrong the whole time. Say it out loud Beren-stein Bears then say Beren-stain Bears. Turns out it has been Berenstain Bears this whole time and a lot of people including me have been saying it wrong

2. Apparently life is not like a Box of Chocolates 

So this one continues to mess me up to this day, because Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies. So in the most quotable part of the movie is when Forrest is sitting on the bench and says to a lady “Life was like a box of chocolates.” But I remember it as “Life is like a box of chocolates.” I guess you really don’t know what your gonna get. 

3. Darth Vader never says “Luke I am your father”

In one of the most famous movie franchises of all time, and one of the most famous quotes ever, ” Luke I am your father” is never uttered in any of the Star Wars movies ever. Darth Vader instead says “No, I am your father”, which is weird because how did “Luke I am your father” even become a thing, let alone one of the most famous quotes ever.

4. Mirror Mirror on the Wall is actually Magic Mirror on the Wall

Now this is coming from someone who is not that big of a fan of Disney movies, but I knew that “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” was definitely a thing. Come to find out that its “Magic Mirror on the Wall”. To me that doesn’t sound right, it just sounds weird to me.

5. Febreze only has one “e” in the middle instead of two

This one doesn’t make any sense to me.The air freshener febreze is only spelled with one e in the middle rather than two. I remember specifically going to the store to buy Febreze and it being spelled Febreeze. But no there is only one and I am left feeling very confused

6. The Mona Lisa has been smiling the whole time

I always remember that the Mona Lisa was never smiling. But I guess she has been smiling this whole time. I even remember an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place where Alex brings the Mona Lisa to life and at the end Harper gives the Mona Lisa her neckless, and when she gets turned into a painting they comment on how she is smiling now. 

7. Kit Kat never had a dash in the middle of it

I have been eating Kit Kats ever since I was little, they happen to be my favorite candy. For years I always thought there was a dash between Kit and Kat in the logo. But have come to find out, there is no dash to be found.

8. Monopoly Man does not have a monocle

A lot of people including myself played monopoly a lot as a kid. One of the people you’ll remember from the game is Rich Uncle Pennybags. People seem to remember him having a monocle, me included. I think he looks very odd without the monocle on, but that’s just my opinion.

9. There is no T in Skechers

Now I never wore Skechers as a kid, but I always remember Skechers being spelled Sketchers. Without the T, it looks very strange to me

10. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood theme is different

A lot of people watched Mr. Rogers Neigborhood as kids, and to start every episode he would sing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”. Except he actually sang “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood”. He says this neighborhood, not the neighborhood, but for some reason, I remember it as the latter. 

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