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The 10 Commandments of Lipstick

Lipstick can be a tricky beauty item to navigate for many collegiettes. What color do you buy, how expensive is too expensive, when is the appropriate time to wear it? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of those questions you have come to the right place! I have the complete handbook of lipstick wearing right here…

Rule #1: Don’t be afraid to wear it!

There’s a lipstick for everybody. If you are nervous that you can’t rock a T-Swift red lip, try a lighter/nude pink or a berry color! They both look fabulous on ANYBODY and they make a statement.

Rule #2: Know your surroundings

If you’re going out for a night on the town, a crazy dramatic lip may be necessary. If you are headed to your Biology class with Hottie McHotterson, a more subtle fuschia color might do the trick. You don’t want to be that girl that wears a bright purple lip to your sunrise yoga class. #KeepItCoolBeans

Rule #3: Find the right color

Not all skin tones are meant to work well with every color of the lipstick rainbow. For me, I know that light pinks do not look good. I have an olive skin tone and bleach blonde hair. Baby pinks just totally wash me out! In my collection I have more dramatic colors that I dull down with loose matte powder and Kleenexes (if necessary). There isn’t a day that goes by that I wish I could rock the dainty pink color, but I’m just not that type of chica!

Rule #4: Highlight your cupids bow!

This can make your lip look go from a soft 6 to a sold 10 if executed correctly. If you take a loose translucent powder and dab a bit on the middle of your lips and work it in just a touch, it’ll reflect light and give your luscious lips a bit of dimension.

Rule #5: Start in the middle of your lips

When you go to apply your lipstick, start in the middle of your lips and work your way out. This way you won’t end up with lipstick all over your face!

Rule #6: Gimme a break!

Go au natural for at least a day! It’ll give you some time to get rid of dead skin cells, moisturize and sip your Starbucks without stains.

Rule #7: One or the other!

On very few occasions is it okay to do a bold lip color and a dark, mysterious eye. You gotta choose your battle’s sister!

Rule #8: Avoid gloss!

Glosses are so 2006. Lip gloss makes you 3 things: un-kissable, sticky, and Lil’ Mama. Sorry girl, yo lip gloss ain’t poppin’ anymore!  

Rule #9: Keep your pearly whites—white!

Two tricks to remember when avoiding getting lipstick on your teeth: blot your lips and the finger swipe method. Insert a clean finger into your mouth, close your lips around it and then pull the finger out! It’s simple and gets rid of the excess lipstick on the inside of your lips! Be sure to wash your hands after!

Rule #10: Make it YOU!

There’s a lipstick for everybody. It may be a fire engine red, a sweet pea pink or a luscious berry color. Whatever your color is, make it YOU and make it your cool summer staple!

Special Education major at UW-Stout. Supplementing my education with my Beyonce obsession, Netflix, and being a princess. 
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