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Applying makeup can be a struggle, especially when you don’t know what to do and are running late for class. Try these A-Z makeup tips to help your morning routine to be more successful and efficient. Enjoy!

Application: It is important not to apply too much product, because it can leave your face looking “cakey.”

Blend: In order to get that effortless makeup look: blend, blend, blend!

Concealer: Need to get rid of those dark circles? Don’t fret; Concealer can be a girl’s best friend to eliminating that sleepless night look. Just apply a decent amount onto your dark circles.

Dirty brushes: Yes, you should clean your makeup brushes! Let them soak in makeup remover, put some shampoo in your palm and rub the brush around. Then, rinse with warm water.

Eyes: The eyes are often the first feature someone will notice about you, so make sure you bring them out with the best shade for your eye color! For example, brown eye shadows can help bring out blue eyes.

Foundation: Make sure you find a foundation that is the best color for you. The best spot on your body to find the best foundation shade for you is your neck!

Groom: Using a spooley brush on your eyebrows can give your eyebrows a more natural look.

Highlight: Highlighting the top of your cheekbones can extenuate them when they catch the light!

Individuality: Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own look. Makeup is like an art project on your face!

Jawline: Don’t have that killer jawline people are drooling over? Don’t worry, adding bronzer that is two shades darker than your foundation can help shape your jaw into that “sexy jawline” look.

Kissable: Adding a lipstick or lipbalm can add a hint of color to your makeup look.

Lips: Keep your lips hydrated by applying chapstick regularly!

Moisturize: This can help make makeup easier to apply and reduce dry skin

NEVER use old products: It is important to know when your makeup expires. There should be a label near the barcode on the product, but if you have difficulty finding it don’t be afraid to reach out to the cosmetic company. Using new products gives you the best look and won’t cause any breakouts or irritations that old products might cause.

Open your eyes: Apply a white eyeliner to your waterline in order to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Powder Foundation: Applying a powder foundation on your lips before applying lipstick can help your lipstick last longer.

Q-tips: Accidentally smudge your makeup? Use a Q-tip with a little bit of your makeup remover to help get rid of any smudges without having to redo any makeup.

Remove: It is important to remove your makeup COMPLETELY. Leaving makeup on can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Slim nose: Apply a highlighter down the center and bronzer on the outside to get a slimmer looking nose.

Time: Makeup should not take you hours to do. You should be able to master your makeup routine in about 15-20 minutes. Practice makes perfect!

Under eye circles: Don’t want to add concealer? Leave a spoon in the freezer for about 10 minutes and hold it on your dark eye circles for about a minute. This will help reduce the darkness.

Vaseline: Applying vaseline on your eyelashes before you go to bed can help them grow longer!

Waterline: Putting eye shadow or eyeliner on your waterline can help make your eyes appear bigger.

X as in Never, Never use concealer as an eyelid primer. This will cause your eye shadow to crease.

Youtube: Need ideas on makeup tutorials? Youtube is the perfect place to get any kind of makeup look you’re looking for!

Zzz-SLEEP! Getting enough “beauty sleep” can make you look more awake and reduces the dark circles under your eyes–which means you don’t have to wear as much make-up!

There are plenty of other tips us college students can use in our daily lives. Don’t be afraid to search the web or ask some fellow UW-La Crosse friends!

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