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Why the “Me Too” Movement Still Has So Far To Go

It’s no secret: sexual harassment is hard to talk about. But in the past months, leagues of courageous women and men have come forward with their stories of assault in their places of work and their personal relationships. These individuals are strong, brave, and are making a big difference in the way that we treat victims and abusers.

But we still have so much left to do.

Hollywood icon Harvey Weinstein was fired from his film company for years of inappropriate behavior. Former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar is going to jail for possession of child pornography and abuse of many gymnasts. Actors, including Louis CK and Kevin Spacey, have lost deals, as well as popularity and respect. TIME magazine even named the “Me Too” movement as the 2017 person of the year.

But despite all of this . . .

A man who openly admitted to the assault of multiple women is in the highest position of power in the entire United States.

Continue to support victims of sexual assault. Continue to believe the harrowing stories who are brave enough to share. Continue to push the message that sexual harassment is not–and will never be–okay. But remember that despite every victory, the “Me Too” movement still has a very, very long way to go. And we won’t stop fighting.


Anne is a junior at UW-La Crosse studying Broadcast and Digital Media Communication and Graphic Design. When she isn't busy studying or writing for Her Campus, Anne loves music, photography, drawing, and painting. Also, naps.
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