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Which FRIENDS Character are you Based on Your Favorite Party Song?

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Anytime you go out, you’re bound to hear some of the same songs whether you love or hate them. Everyone has their favorite track that makes them want to grab their FRIENDS and belt the lyrics out. Get ready to find out which Central Perk loving friend you are based on your favorite party song. 

RACHEL. Rachel Green is one of the most basic characters ever, but you can’t deny her witty charm. A Rachel is someone who goes to parties and loves to hear songs famous on Tik Tok. Maybe it’s a song everyone knows, but the lyrics probably have some attitude behind them, and there might even be a dance to go along with the song. So if you’re ready to bust out in some booty shaking as soon as you hear Cardi B or Megan the Stallion, you’re a Rachel at heart. 

CHANDLER. Charismatic, a little nerdy, and liked by basically everyone, Chandler Bing is full of quirks. Any old song that plays at a party gives the most unique vibes and is so random because it’s a song from a different time. It puts a smile on everyone’s face and is honestly timeless. These are songs like “Mr. Brightside”, “1985”, and “Dixieland Delight”. Extra points if you sing the ad-libs. 

JOEY. Goofy, makes everyone laugh, and all around just a good time, a Joey is someone who likes a song that’s maybe a little inappropriate, but in a modest way. Like the “subtle” way Joey picks up women – how you doin’-, there are many party songs of which do the same thing. For example, “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy” is a silly song that really gets everyone singing. 

MONICA. Reserved, a little OCD, and also a little basic, Monica knows how to have a good time, but in a reasonable measure. Any new song that has a little R&B, and is just a good song to vibe to is a song that lets people talk at parties, but doesn’t get the crowd going too much. So if you like songs by Drake or Don Toliver as a little bit of background music, you might be a Monica. 

PHOEBE. Arguably the most unconventional of the group, Phoebe Buffay has a knack for keeping her friends on their toes. Any song that involves interaction with the crowd is sure to keep party-goers alert. So if you’re always down for a Cha Cha slide or Cupid Shuffle, you and Phoebs might be kindred spirits. 

ROSS. A little uptight, nerdy in an endearing way, and very sentimental, a Ross could go for a good slow song at a party. Not very common, but sometimes, it’s important to throw a little love song to belt out into the mix at a get-together. Songs like “Drops of Jupiter” or honestly anything by Taylor Swift is some that can change the mood a bit at a party, but always connect people. If you like to get in your feels while out, you might be a Ross. 

These rules aren’t always applicable, but next time you go out, you might be able to get a better feel of the person on aux. And if they’re too much of a Ross, go ahead and tell them, “I’ll be there for you.”

Hello! My name is Chloe Renzelmann and I am a freshman at UW-Lax. I will be majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish and Communications. When I'm not in class or writing, you can probably find me watching reality tv or working out!