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Weinermobile Spokesperson, Molle Klein

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Lax chapter.

Molle Klein never thought she would be travelling the U.S. in the Weinermobile. A recent Spring 2015 UW-La Crosse graduate with a degree in Marketing, Molle is originally from Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, but is now travelling the country and living city to city. Molle was one of twelve graduates throughout the U.S. to be offered the job as Hotdogger for Oscar Mayer Brand. Here’s what Molle has to say about her experience so far…

Tell me about your position with Oscar Mayer. What are your duties/responsibilities?

My official title is “Hotdogger”, or Brand Ambassador/ Wienermobile Spokesperson. I am in charge of representing the Oscar Mayer Brand 24/7. My co-worker and I travel to a new city once a week in the 27-foot long hot dog on wheels, known as the Wienermobile. During the week, we plan and execute all types of events, including parades, fairs, festivals, retail and sporting events. Along with working the events, we are required to book all of our hotels, contribute to the company’s Twitter and Instagram, interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis and pitch to local media.

How were you selected?

Oscar Mayer hires 12 recent college graduates every year from all across the country. They look for people with degrees in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations and Advertising. However, a major is not everything. They look for someone who is very trustworthy and has strong interpersonal skills. Oscar Mayer does most of their recruiting at schools with large communications programs such as University of Wisconsin – Madison, Penn State, University of Missouri, University of Florida and University of Texas at Austin.  

What interested you in this position?

What caught my attention with this position was being able to travel and getting paid to do so, all while driving an American Icon.  

What did you think you would be doing before college graduation? Did you have this job lined up?

I applied for this job in January, and landed the job in April. So, prior to graduation I knew that I would be driving the Wienermobile across the country.

Did you ever imagine yourself traveling the U.S. in a “Wienermobile”?

Never. It’s one of those jobs that I’ve always dreamed to have, but never actually thought it was possible.

What is your favorite part about your job?

The best part of my job is having the ability to make someone else’s day. People dream to have a ride in or be able to see the Wienermobile in person, and I have the ability to make those dreams come true. Also, being able to travel to a new city each week is fantastic. There is always something new to look forward to.  Every day is a vacation with this job.

Where is your favorite place you’ve been on your journey?

I would have to say New Orleans. They have such a rich culture and excellent food.

What have you gained/learned from your experience thus far?

To dream big. I never thought I would have the chance to be paid to travel the country. I have also learned to say “yes” when you want to say “no”. With this job you have the ability to make so many people’s’ day and by saying “yes, I can give you a ride” or “yes, you can have a Wiener Whistle”–you are able to do just that.  

What were your most valuable classes at UW-L?

All of my Marketing classes and any class I had to work on a group project.

What’s your advice for recent or soon-to-be graduates? What do you know now that you wish you’d have known then?

Look beyond the ordinary jobs and do not be afraid to apply for jobs you think you will never get, because you might just luck out! Also, make as many connections with your peers as possible. Your friends, professors and bosses are all great resources when searching for a job, so be sure to build as many relationships as possible.

Kasey is a UW-La Crosse collegiate, aspiring writer, and Campus Correspondent of the HC UW-Lax team. You can follow her on Pinterest @kaseyluo, Instagram @kaseylovergaard, and Twitter @kaseyLuO