Valentine's Day Ideas

Every year Valentine’s Day can be very emotional for everyone, whether it is love, excitement, distress, sadness, you name it. This holiday can trigger many emotions. Some people embrace all the best things about this day, but some people avoid everything hearts and roses like they are the plague. But I am not ashamed to admit it is one of my favorite holidays, so here are some ideas to make your Valentine’s Day wonderful.


One way to spend the day is the old fashioned traditional way. Do a dinner date with your significant other, with chocolates and roses. Sometimes getting all fancied up for a night on the town can be the best way to spend Valentine’s Day.


However, that option may not be right up your alley. Maybe you and your S.O. order in pizza or Chinese food and play board games all night. The big extravagant date night can become overwhelming trying to make everything perfect so the casual date may be the way to go.


Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? No problem, have a Galentine’s day! Get your friends together and have a fun night in! Grab some wine and candy and turn on the chick flicks for a chill girl’s night in.


Want to be by yourself for this holiday? Break out the bubbles and bath salts, light a few candles and let your stress unwind in a bubble bath night. You deserve to pamper yourself, and relax with your own thoughts and feelings. Valentine’s day is all about love, so why not focus on self-love?

There are so many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there is no reason to stress about your plans. Valentine’s day is all about telling the people you care about how much you love them. I always say you should never regret telling someone you love them, only regret not telling someone you do.