UWL Profile: Caroline Ecker

Here’s a peek inside Caroline’s world! You may recognize her as being the fiery, sassy redhead in your class, or you may see her snapchat video-ing around campus (add her: carolineecker12)!

Name: Caroline Ecker

Hometown: La Crescent, MN

What year are you at UW-La Crosse? Junior!

Major/Minor: Communication Studies, Organizational Comm.

What campus and/or community activities are you involved with? I work at Cartwright and am avid in assisting new students find their way around campus. 

What is your favorite thing about La Crosse? I like that it’s scenic enough where you can hike the bluffs during the day; it’s a big enough city when there’s endless opportunities if you know where to look for them.

Biggest pet peeve:  I hate when people sit on their phones when I am trying to talk to them!

Who’s your biggest role model and inspiration?  Beyonce!

Describe yourself in three words:  Social, outgoing, accepting.

Favorite food: Sushi!

Favorite song to dance to: "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce.

What is your dream job? CEO of a large television network.

“Be yourself, try new things, and never take no for an answer.”  There you have it! That’s Caroline Ecker, this week's Her Campus of UW Lax's profile!