Travel is a Matter of Inspiration

If you’re like me, you can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, seeking information or satisfying some boredom. Recently, I saw the quote, “travel is never a matter of money.” My first thought when reading this was that the quote was clearly inaccurate. As a student, I’m not in the financial position to travel to another country, even though I wish, as many others do, that I was able to. The more I thought about the quote though, I realized that travel is not as out of reach as it may seem.

Typically, my summers are filled with day trips with friends, in between shifts at Target and local coffee shops. It occurred to me that exploring my home state is still, indeed, travel. I began to view travel in a new way and came to the conclusion that travel is simply adventure/exploration, even if it’s five minutes from your home.

Living in La Crosse, there are so many opportunities to inexpensively explore the city. The bluffs that stand so proudly nearby are always a reminder of the adventure that is constantly available. I’ve made it a personal goal for myself to hike more; although I’ve explored the bluffs numerous times, I often stick to the same three hiking trails. I would love to see more, and I encourage you to do the same.

In addition, Riverside Park is a beautiful place to visit during the nice, summer months. UWL has a great resource in the Rec called Outdoor Connections; if you don’t own a hammock or a pair of roller skates, you can rent them for a small fee and see what La Crosse has to offer.

If you’re a runner, like I am, you may find it enjoyable to take your exercise outside. The marsh trails are extremely beautiful and a great way to pair your adventure and workout into one.

I also believe Downtown La Crosse is a great place to visit because there’s always something new to see!

Although what I’ve mentioned so far is specific to the city of La Crosse, I believe you can get the thrill of travel wherever you are. Whether you explore a location five minutes from home, or visit somewhere new within your state, country, or continent, I believe it all is deserving of the “travel” label.

Thinking back to the quote, “travel is never a matter of money,” brings me great excitement, especially when reminded of the definition of travel. When googling the definition for travel, it is clear that it means “to make a journey,” which can be anywhere! Travel is more than the distance or the money spent; it is the passion and motivation to explore something new in the world around you. Travel is a matter of inspiration.

The region around La Crosse is known as the Driftless Region. After some research, I learned that this is because this zone is essentially the edge of the glacier’s path during the last glacial period. The region has been untouched by sliding glaciers. In my opinion though, the word “driftless” goes beyond this definition. It reminds me of freedom and that passion for adventure I mentioned previously. La Crosse now has a special place in my heart and will always be written into the story of my driftless journey through life.