Things To Remember While Shopping This Holiday Season

The week is upon us, the week of black Friday and the start of holiday shopping season. Trust me, I am not one to pass up a good deal and save money, but there are good ways to go about it that don’t involve trampling into a store at 5am trying to get a good deal while throwing elbows left and right to get there first. But, I am asking a favor for all that are shopping during the holiday season, whether black Friday, or any day after.


Please be considerate of every retailer worker you interact with while shopping.


Being in retail myself, I can speak for my fellow retailers and say that we are not just objects in the store. We leave our own families and holidays, so that you can get the deals. We don’t get to go home or travel so that we can open the doors where you are there waiting. Here are some facts to remember each time you walk into a store.


While we understand its unpleasant to wait in line for an hour, please understand we help customers for 8 hours.


We do not make the prices.


We do not control when our technology decides not to work, please don’t get mad at us for it.

Please be gracious when you have to listen to our speech on rewards cards, credit cards, and donations for fundraisers. It’s our job to ask you, please just sign up for the rewards card and donate the ten cents.


We can tell when you’re lying about coupons, what signs say, prices, etc. Please don’t lie, it’s rude.


When you throw clothes on the table in a mess and they magically fold themselves and look nice again an hour later. That’s us, we do that. Remember every item you mess up, we track down and fix.


We appreciate patience and kindness more than you realize.


As the holidays are a joyous time, and I am a huge fan of this time of year, it is important to remember those behind the counters of stores when you are out shopping. Be gracious and kind because you don’t know what traditions, or family time that we could be missing. Help make the holiday shopping season a better time for everything, workers and customers alike.