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Texts You’ve Probably Sent Your Roommate

College roommates can be awful or awesome. If you’re lucky enough to wind up with the latter, here’s 10 text messages you’ve probably (definitely) sent them at some point in time.

1. Where are you??

She’s been gone for all of 45 minutes and didn’t even tell you where she was going. What the heck?

2. Are we going out tonight?

This question could be a major turning point in your night–it could mean the difference between trying on half of your closet or tossing on some sweatpants–so this is some important information to obtain. 

3. Can I borrow your [fill in the blank]?

This message isn’t really even necessary. You know she’ll say yes, plus you’re totally using it right now . . . but you’re considerate enough to ask as if it’s a legitimate question anyway.

4. Help…convince me not to drop out

We’ve all had this thought at least once (or hundreds of times). It’s just reassuring to have your roommate slap some sense back into you and force you back into your room with your textbook. Isn’t that what they’re there for?

5. Want to get dinner later?

Eating the sub-standard food in the dining hall is slightly more bearable with friends, and your roommate is probably your go-to gal for meals.

6. I forgot my [fill in the blank]! Can you pleeease bring it?

Leaving stuff at home happens to the best of us. Not to worry, though, with your roommate as your stand-in mom, you’ll probably be able to get it back in no time.

7. Can you send me the pictures?

From candids from your night out together, screenshots of her conversation with her crush, to pictures of the homework, your roomie’s got your back. Those pics should be coming your way soon.

8. *insert many heart eye emojis here*

For one reason or another, you’ve sent your roommate this message. Don’t even try to deny it.

9. If we both aren’t married by 40, wanna just move back in together?

‘Nuff said.    

10. I miss you!

The bond you build with your roommate is like no other, and winter break/summer break/any amount of time you spend apart just seems wrong. Counting down the days to being back with your roomie is a little more bearable as long as you know that they’re counting too and missing you just as much.  

Anne is a junior at UW-La Crosse studying Broadcast and Digital Media Communication and Graphic Design. When she isn't busy studying or writing for Her Campus, Anne loves music, photography, drawing, and painting. Also, naps.
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