Is Taylor Swift Releasing New Music?

It's 2019. Post-Reputation Era Taylor Swift. 

Taylor has been known for her social media silence, and rarely posted following the end of her Reputation Stadium Tour. Her Instagram feed, however, has Swifties buzzing. 

In the last week, Taylor has posted 3 times--which is unsual for the queen of pop. If you ask me, the photos are too artsy and too cryptic to not mean something bigger is coming!

In the past, Taylor has shared photos on Instagram as a countdown to new content--photos that somehow include a countdown. So here's the theory Swifties have been hashing out with her latest photos:

This first photo (which, like I said, is too obscure and artsy to not be a hint of some sort) is assumed to be the start of a countdown. There are seven prominent palm trees: the green one closer in the middle and the ​six orange-hued ones in the back. Starting a countdown at seven would mean there's a weeklong countdown, which is the perfect amount of time to start hyping up new content! And to further emphasize the importance of the seven palm trees, Taylor captioned this photo with nothing but palm tree emojis. Seven of them, to be exact.

Then there's this beautiful, dreamy-pink photo. There has to be a reason to get that dressed up, and okay, Taylor was spotted at an Oscar's after party in this exact, dazzling look. But let's face it, it's not very like the new Taylor to share staged, glowy photos of her event outfits. Then there's the number Swifities were quick to point out. Taylor is looking upward in this photo--and there are six steps pictured above where she's sitting. This one might be a stretch, but again, this much social media presence is unusual. Taylor is the queen of cryptic clues and everything she does is deliberate.

Here's the most recent photo on her instagram feed: another artistic edit, and--oh look! A very prominant five. In this close up of a fence, there are five holes you can see through, and Swift framed beautifully in the middle. This photo, like the one before it, was captioned with nothing but a colored heart emoji. Using just emojis as Instagram captions is out of the ordinary for the poetic singer. 

And lastly, I draw your attention to the fact that, back in November, Taylor announced she was moving to a new label. New label, new music? Or maybe it's nothing but a fan-crazed conspiracy, but, Taylor's done this exact kind of thing before. Time will tell if there are more hidden numbers in her photos, and if there's new music...or some kind of news in the next week. 

Is this new social media activity hinting at new Taylor Swift music, or is it just a conspiracy? You decide.