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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Lax chapter.

Although the first day of Summer isn’t officially untill June 21st, I always feel like it starts as soon as the school is over. Everyone always talks about the great adventures and fun times they will be having during Summer when in reality the majority of you are just going to be bored at work or at home, but hey, don’t fret. Here are 30 ideas to add to your Summer Bucket List! Get ready to kick boredom to the curb.

1. Make some tie-dye shirts

2. Go on a road trip. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far! Just grab some friends and fill up your gas tank.

3. Go to a concert

4. Get a sun tattoo

5. Go to a drive-in movie

6. Attempt to make one of those tasty treats you see on Facebook or Pinterest

7. Go tubing

8. Go for a hike

9. Go canoeing or kayaking

10. Send a message in a bottle

11. Star gaze

12. Let a floating lantern go

13. Bungee jump

14. Go sky diving

15. Learn how to play instrument

16. Try a DIY Pinterest craft

17. Learn another language

18. Volunteer

19. Go to a music festival. (Lollapalooza, Summerfest, Country USA, etc.)

20. Go skinny dipping

21. Visit a museum

22. Run in a 5k

23. Pull an allnighter

24. Sleep all day

25. See a psychic

26. Learn to play a new sport

27. Participate in an eating contest

28. Go on a picnic

29. Go to a carnival, amusement park, or fair

30. Live it up and have the best Summer yet!

Summer will fly by fast so make the most of it UWL collegiates! You all better have some lit stories to tell us all in the fall!