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    I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times by now, but 2020 was quite honestly one of the most challenging years for so many reasons. One aspect of our society that was incredibly impacted by the events of this year was school. What we used to know as a typical school day has now turned into joining Zoom calls, submitting videos for speeches, and emailing our teachers like crazy with any and every question we may have. For students it's frustrating. We had to quickly alter our whole way of learning and switch our routines. Now think about everything your teachers have had to change.

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     Educators go to school for the sole purpose of learning to help others learn. Many go into the field of education because they enjoy developing connections with students. The format of online school doesn’t allow them to fully connect with these students, and that can be extremely upsetting. Not only is it hard to connect with students over online platforms, but many students hardly speak during class, or sometimes don’t even turn on their cameras. Teachers in this case feel like they are talking to a screen and believe it or not, teachers are losing motivation too. This is why I encourage you to finish out your semester by doing something to let your teachers know how much you appreciate them. 

[bf_image id="27q5p9cmvgwqhxq77hpgb7g"]       Whether you had a good experience this semester or not, your teachers put in tedious amounts of work for you to have a somewhat normal semester. So for this last week, turn on your cameras. Comment on lectures. Stay after class and thank your teachers. Even just shoot them an email thanking them for a great semester. Teachers are feeling the same as us, and that little bit of appreciation will boost their spirits. So before you go out and celebrate finishing your finals, be sure to reach out to the teachers who got you through the past four months.

Hello! My name is Chloe Renzelmann and I am a freshman at UW-Lax. I will be majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish and Communications. When I'm not in class or writing, you can probably find me watching reality tv or working out!
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