Social Media: Go Clean Yours

As easy as it is to identify the negative aspects of social media, the reality is it isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

While it has been linked to issues of self-esteem, declining mental health, cyberbullying, etc., it isn't to say social media doesn't have its' share of positives too. It can be a place of connection, belonging, motivation, and inspiration. A large difference between the two is deciding what and how to consume the content floating around the world of social media. 

I'll never forget the day I unfollowed the Instagram actress and model, Alexis Ren. With her itsy bitsy waist, perfectly tanned skin, and team of photographers, I never felt good about myself once I was done scrolling her feed. Whether I could acknowledge it in the moment or not, I subconciously internalized and believed: I'm supposed to look like that too. And the worst part was—I knew I didn't and wouldn't ever look like her. What I, and many of us fail to realize, is how much Alexis Ren doesn't look like Alexis Ren (and that goes for every single influencer, celebritiy, and average person on social media). What goes on behind the photo presented to us is endless light adjustments and touch-ups and filters and premeditated poses and manipulation and distortion and so much more. We need to remind ourselves, social media isn't real life. Social media is a theatrical performance. It gives us the time and space that real life doesn't to be better than ourselves—because let's be honest, who doesn't want that?

So go on your Instagram, Facebook, VSCO, Twitter, or whatever you fancy and ask yourself "Why?" Why are you following this person? Do you genuinely enjoy their content? Does it make you laugh? Does it fuel a fire in you like nothing else? Ask yourself this question with every individual you come across. Because if the person isn't adding some sort of positiviity to your life, let it go. Sure, their photos look aesthetically pleasing and their clothing are to die for and they're drop dead gorgeous, but, why is that important to you? Unfollow someone everytime you: find yourself feeling envious, don't recognize the name and/or haven't met the person, realize you're spending too much time invested in their content, or expect more of yourself emotionally, physically, financially, etc. I promise you, the detox will be worth it. Out of sight, out of mind.


I challenge you not only to clean your social media, but more importnatly, fill it with the good stuff. Find the things that make you smile; make your heart melt; make you push that much harder at the gym. Swapping out the negative for the positive makes all the difference and will help you consume happier and smarter. We may not be able to end social media as we know it (as great as that might be), but we can make small changes everyday to do it better. 



(My guilty pleasure pages are @awakethesoul and @dirtybootsandmessyhair!)