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From fingers to toes… the best lotions I have ever tried. There have been so many lotions that I have gone through, not only due to it being a popular gift, but because my skin (and senses in general) are incredibly sensitive. Some lotion that I have used I may originally have thought it was great, especially at first glance in the store, but once comparing it with several others, I realize I was mistaken. Finding and sticking to the perfect lotion is very difficult, but that is why I am writing this article. This article is for the one’s caught with dry skin, but not so dry it cracks. For the one’s with oily skin after just a couple days. For the one’s that burn after 10 minutes outside. This article is also for the ones who just want the best skin care products out there.  

Note: This list does not guarantee exact written results that I achieved, nor does it mean lotions I do not list are bad. This list is purely opinion-based from what the writer has tried, and the writer does not mean to push products that may not have worked on others with(out) similar skin. For any feedback or additional suggestions, please contact the writer. 

1.  Being by Sanctuary (spa –salted caramel & macadamia- hand cream) 

One of the perks of being a member of Her Campus is receiving free stuff! This lotion not only smells amazing but feels amazing. Although I have only used this on my hands, this lotion works well enough to be my back up lotion at my significant others house in case I’m caught with dry hands. Purchase here

2.  Clinique Gelato Body Crème 

This was an unexpected Christmas gift that I’m now so grateful for! The 3-set hand creams come in pink, orange, and purple (they smell as the color indicates), made from the amazing Clinique factory, and instantly soothes my hands. The only downside is that it can take a couple finger scoops to fully moisturize my skin, and the fact they come in tiny containers. I’m a sucker for Clinique products though, so this set earns its place beautifully stacked on my at-home desk. Purchase here

3.  Coconut Oil  

The articles out there on coconut oil aren’t lying! This stuff is THE BEST. I originally started using coconut oil when my aesthetician recommended it to use as a pre and post-shave moisturizer for ‘down there.’ The result: it has made my skin smoother than I’ve ever seen it before. It has even become my favorite product to smooth my skin from head to toe now. Keep this product next to your shower, and you will be golden. Purchase here

4.  Curél Hydra-Therapy wet-skin moisturizer 

My mom threw this lotion in my duffel bag with me the last time I went home, so I got stuck with more lotion. However, this lotion earned an official place out of the drawer next to my high-end lotions. Basically, the lotion feels like water on your skin in the most refreshing way possible. I haven’t tried it immediately after a shower, as recommended, but I bet that would make it even better. Purchase here

5.  Gold-Bond Ultimate Healing Hand Cream 

This lotion came by surprise at work. I showed up to work on my first day to see that somebody left their lotion on my new desk, and no one has picked it up since. However, I’m incredibly grateful this happened because I scan papers all day, which completely dry’s out my hands. Just a pea-sized amount revives my hands for another couple hours. Oof-tah! Purchase here

*A few other notable favorites: Aveeno, Eucerin, Vaseline, and anything my Grandma owns. 

Breanna is a Professional Communication Studies Student with a Sociology minor at UW-La Crosse. Some of her favorite hobbies are growing plants, doing yoga, and keeping up with being organized. Breanna is excited to be a part of Her Campus to help bring all women together more by sharing her thoughts and stories to the community, and to just make more friends. She hopes that many will appriciate her articles on lifestyle experiences to relationship advice. 
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