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Six Ways to Celebrate Yourself and Summer

It’s almost May, collegiettes, and do you know what that means? Another semester to check off the list—whether it’s your second semester or your last. Summer is just around the corner, and I’ve received a big box of summer goodies that are going to get you through the heat and motivate you to be the best version of yourself possible! Surviving summer might not be too difficult (in fact, can it always be summer?) but this year it’s time to strive for greatness. The next three-ish months are all about you!

1. Good eats

Chipotle pulls through once again with BOGO coupons! I’m not sure if anyone needs a reason to get BOGO burritos…but here you go: you will get a free burrito. ‘Nuff said.

2. Good reads

While in school it’s pretty hard for anyone to justify leisure reading—if you have time to read Harry Potter you totally have time to read that history article. Included in this summer’s survival kit is not only a boohoo summer style guide magazine “We are USA” and an online discount code, but also Nicole Lapin’s RICH BITCH: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial  Life Together… Finally. If you can read for fun and better yourself at the same time, why wouldn’t you? Learn how to budget, cut your bad spending habits, and ultimately invest in and afford the life you want!

BONUS: HC key chains so you can rep our name to thank us for all this awesome stuff!

3. Look chic

It’s festival season, y’all, and tattoos are all the rage. Blink Tattoos are here to give you one-of-a-kind, celebrity-inspired temporary tattoos so you can love your body in a whole new way!

4. Get your sweat on

This summer’s kit is all about coupons, coupons, coupons! Taking care of your body by working up a sweat does so much more than make you look hot: it’s a mental rejuvenator, it’s good for your physical health, and it’s the number one determinant of longevity. So get outside and go for a jog, or, better yet, check out Crunch Live and receive a FREE MONTH of unlimited access to online workout classes, including butt cardio, strength training, yoga, and much more! It all comes to you from trained instructors for an in-gym experience!

5. Be prepared

Do you want to get cause in the rain pre-interview? Me neither. Boohoo’s ponchos are just what you need to survive a summer shower on a day when it’s pretty imperative you have tamed hair.

6. Jump-start your career

Finally, chloe + isabel have supplied us with fliers for an exclusive job opportunity to get you on your way to that career you want! Summer is a great time to build that resume, so apply, get a free trip to NYC, make some extra cash, and live your dream!

The kits are all packed up and ready to go! Share this post on your Facebook page, like our page and tag us @hercampusuwlax, and don’t forget to make your post public so we can respond to all the winners! Good luck and happy summer! You do you lovelies!

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