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Questions Every College Student Dreads at Thanksgiving

Going home for the holidays is something that most college students look forward to (did I hear “free home-cooked meal?”). However, the gathering of family also often means having to endure some painful questions. Here’s 10 of the top conversation topics you’ll want to dodge–if possible–when you go home for Thanksgiving this year.


1. What’s your major again?

If you have settled on a major, this question may not be too painful. That is, until it leads to . . .

2. Oh, okay . . . what are you going to do with that, exactly?

Your guess is as good as mine.

3. But you’ve started doing internships and getting practical experience, right?

*looks around nervously, hands sweating*

4. So how are classes going?

I haven’t had any emotional breakdowns yet today, so things are looking up.

5. And how about your love life?

*slides under table and cries*

6. You’re staying out of trouble, right?

Any trouble I’ve been “getting into” is not acceptable dinner table conversation, Aunt Judy.

7. What do you college kids do for fun these days anyway?

Well, there’s this new-fangled thing called “Netflix…”

8. How are your grades?

Cs get degrees?

9. Are you ready for finals?

Not as ready as I am to get out of this conversation!

10. Why don’t you call more often?

I prefer to limit this interogation to once a year, accompanied by mashed potatoes and pie.

Good luck this Thanksgiving, and remember to be thankful about how much your relatives care about your personal life (and that at least they’ll talk a little less when their mouths are full).



Anne is a junior at UW-La Crosse studying Broadcast and Digital Media Communication and Graphic Design. When she isn't busy studying or writing for Her Campus, Anne loves music, photography, drawing, and painting. Also, naps.
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