Not Everything Has To Have A Destination

As humans, I think we struggle a lot with being preoccupied in times that aren't now: the past, the future, and the unicorn times that don't exist. And for those of us that are driven by the future, things that aren't going to pay off in the long term don't seem worth it. In hindsight, this mindset is good. It means we're more likely to be thoughtful in our actions and move in a forward direction. However, sometimes it's not about being ahead, but dancing around with the rest of the pack. 

As I've gotten older, I've realized yes, purpose is good—but at the same time, doing things just to do them is important too. If we always focused on how something was going to benefit us later, we would miss out on what it's doing for us now. I think it's very similar to the way we often don't regret putting our all into a relationship that didn't last in the end. We can still acknowledge that we grew and learned, and most importantly had fun (sometimes that's all that matters). So why do we have a hard time seeing life this way? In a way, nothing lasts, yet we still fail to see their significance. The truth of the matter is, everything that happens to us and everyone that comes into our lives will do a small part in shaping us and helping us move forward, regardless if they have a good outcome. 

Whether you know we're moving away, never going to date that boy, get denied by your dream employer—join the club that sounds fun, kiss the boy, spend hours on your resume, because it's not about the eventual destination, but now. Whether it's going to last is irrelevant, because it's about what's in between that matters. So if it makes you happy now, do it. We all know life is short and it'll never be the end result that we remember anyway, but the little moments that got us there. So trust me when I say, the temporary happiness will always be worth whatever conclusion you're given.

Don't miss out.