My Favorite Self-Tanner

We all know the worst part of winter in the Midwest: losing that summer glow. Unfortunately, we also all know someone who religiously goes to tanning beds trying desperately to maintain what little tan they have left from the previous summer.

For us, the cold weather is the perfect opportunity to try out different self-tanners. I, being a huge fan of fake tanning, love the confidence boost I get when I obtain that healthy glow. When I lived in Saint Paul my favorite tanning studio was GoGlow. Their spray tan technicians are incredibly talented, and they pay such close attention to detail. But since I am no longer in the twin cities, and I am away from my fake tan sanctuary, I have to opt for a second option. I like self-tanners because I have the ease of applying the product in my own home and I can apply whenever I have a quick few minutes to spare within my day. Like all things, it can be risky choosing a tanner. Never choose a tanner that will not look natural. If you are worried it might be too dark, then it probably will be. Also, be aware that there are different ways to apply self-tanner, and not each way works equally. For example, there are lotions, sprays, and my favorite, towels.

The L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes are a great option for an inexperienced self-tanner because it will allow the most wiggle room for mess-ups and streaks. The towels are super easy to use and mess free. Each towel comes pre-wrapped and is disposed of after use. The directions on the back are straightforward, and it is highly suggested following them. They instruct the tanner to exfoliate well and moisturize with an oil-free lotion before applying the product. Exfoliation is important to guarantee your tan is splotch free. I suggest applying before bed, so you can wake up tanned and ready for the new day.