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The Many Forms of Love

Let’s think back to when we were younger and were all excited about was growing up and falling in love and getting married. For women in the past, getting married was the greatest thing that they could do for themselves. Girls often didn’t attend school because their place was in the home and to take care of the children so they “didn’t need to be educated”. When women were finally able to go college, their main intention was to find a man to marry. For years it went on like this, the women were solely there find a man to clean, cook, and care for. Times sure have changed since then but one thing that hasn’t changed is trying to find our “one true love.”

However that “one true love” doesn’t necessarily have to be a person these days. There are so many other loves that a girl can have; a job, a hobby, and even herself. We have grown up with the idea that we had to find someone else to fall in love with. But why can’t we fall in love with ourselves and our lives first?

We need to fall in love with our lives because we truly are the only person that we have for our entire life. There will be people like your family and hopefully friends that stick with you for a very long time. But you’re the only person who you will constantly be with so it’s extremely important to love yourself. If you want to change something about yourself, then work on that. Work on loving who you are. Right now, the number one prescribed medicine in the world is anti-depressants. With self love and living for yourself, happiness will come your way. 

However, while loving yourself is important, so is loving the life you live. Instead of going to college to get a job that makes a lot of money that you’re just ok with, shoot for an occupation that will cause you to wake up and get excited about going to work. Choose a career that inspires you and that you have an immense passion for. Whether that be in the medical field, fashion world, or in a construction zone. Do what you want and love and forget what anyone else thinks of it. 

I know that on college campuses there is often the need to feel accepted, especially during freshman year. But in order to feel accepted, you need to find people that you can relate too. You often meet these people during activities and by joining clubs. I remember during my freshman year I was going to join the Biology Club, another girl on campus said that joining that club classified me as a nerd and I was a little hurt by that and didn’t attend the first meeting. Thinking back, I should have continued going to that club because it was something that I loved. Just remember if there’s something that you want to do that no one else does, do it. Take control of the life you live and live it to the fullest. There are so many people who on their death bed have regrets that they wish they did this or they wish they did that. I don’t know about you, but I would like to die without regrets.

So please, please, please choose to live your life the way you want to live it. While having someone influence you can be a good thing, make sure that they are influencing you in a way that will make you a better person. Make sure that you’re doing everything that you do in order to benefit you in some way-whether that be physically benefit you or emotionally benefit you.


Sophomore at UW La Crosse majoring in Biomedical Sciences
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