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Managing the Sunday Scaries

As Sunday approaches remember these helpful tips: 

  1. Clean your roommmm

    Even if your world is a mess, hey at least your room isn’t. 

  2. Take a HOT shower with your best calming music

    Bump those oldies but goodies songs that always make you feel good! Pair your tunes with hot steam from your shower to help relax muscles and open pores while washing away the stresses of the week. 

  3. Make a list of the most important this accomplish this week 

    Checking off items on your list is a mental reward system that will give you the motivation to take on your next task.

  4. Wash your sheets 

    Sleeping in fresh sheets is always a game-changer.

  5. Use a weighted or heated blanket

    Say less. 

  6. Implement some self-care 

    Exfoliation + moisturizer will revive your skin! Mary Kay Naturally Line of skincare is my secret weapon as the cold approaches.  

  7. Treat yourself with your favorite drink or meal 

    As a coffee addict, drinking a lavender latte will instantly relax me.

  8. Find a quiet place to get to work

    The library, your room or coffee shop… you name it!

  9. Get some sleep

    Easily the hardest to accomplish when you have lots to do. Stretching, Sleepytime tea or CDB products can help to ease you into sleep. 

  10. Take care of your immune system with vitamins and Emergen-C

    Your body will thank you for helping fight off infections and Emergen-C even has immunity shots for this very purpose. 

Show Sunday who’s BOSS!



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