I Asked Kids What Happiness Meant To Them And Their Answers Will Melt Your Heart

As college students, we often wish for the days when nap time was built into our classes and the biggest problem we faced was the girl sitting next to us had a 96-pack of crayons and we didn't. There was a joy of not having to worry about money, laundry, or what we'd make ourselves for dinner. Beyond this carefree spirit, we were naive in a way people are before they experience their first heartbreak or hold someone's hand in the hospital or watch the nightly news. To children, the world is like a bubble—isolating them in their own little space to run around and be free—a place so pure; so innocent; so full of love.


Talking with some kiddos, I asked them "How would [you] define happiness?" and let me tell you—their answers will melt your heart.


"When people smile at you. And hugs."




"Touching dogs."


"Being with my family."


"Falling in love."


"Feeling like nothing can stop you."


"Having fun and smiling."


"My mom and my sister."


"Never giving up and working hard."


"Fireworks on your birthday."


"A feeling you get when someone does something good for you."




Hanging with my Dad."




"Playing with my baby dolls. I'm going to have two when I grow up."


"Jumping in the sun."




"Having fun and having a good time."


"Birthday parties."


"Playing Candy Land with Ms. Dani."


"My puppy."


After a 10-year-old answered my question, she looked back at me and said "Ms. Abby, how would you define happiness?" And in that moment, I was at a loss of words. I didn't know. 

So maybe, just maybe, kids know something we don't. Maybe, just maybe, happiness is that simple.