How to Make the Best of Fall in La Crosse

It’s finally here: the season of sweaters, changing leaves, and, if you’re into it, PSLs. La Crosse has an exceptionally beautiful fall, and you should take advantage of that before it’s gone. Here are some tips on how to make the best of your fall in La Crosse. 

Go for a bluff hike

A bluff hike is beautiful at any time of the year, but nothing beats the views during fall. The weather is perfect, and you can see fall leaves for miles. As a bonus, bring a blanket and some hot coffee and hang out for a while! 

Take a walk in the park

Myrick Park is home to plenty of wildlife and trees that are gorgeous in the fall. It’s a great place to study, read, or hang out with friends.  

Go to a UWL football game

’Tis the season for football! There is no better time to be a part of your campus community and cheer on the Eagles than in fall. The bluffs behind the field are gorgeous, and the atmosphere is filled with fun and Eagle pride! Oh, and it’s free for students, so there’s no excuse! 

Visit Riverside Park

It’s always fun to sit by the river, so why not do it now?! In the fall, the river reflects all the fall colors from the trees on either side of it. So, bring a blanket or a hammock for a beautiful fall day at Riverside! 

Find your favorite coffee place

Fall also brings cooler weather with it, which means you’ll need a cute and cozy place to stay warm. Whether it’s closer to campus, or one of the many characteristic shops downtown, now is the time to find your coffee fix and study haven for the cold weather. 

Explore the marsh trails

The marsh, like the bluffs, is especially pretty in the fall. The marsh trails offer great views of the bluffs, lots of wildlife to observe, and more stunning fall colors. Plus, they’re closer to campus and take less time than a bluff hike. Take advantage of everything La Crosse has to offer, and make the best of your fall!