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How to be “Basic”

My friends have definitely witnessed me snapping an artsy Instagram pic or obsessing over my latte from a coffee shop downtown. And although the term “basic” typically has a negative connotation, I fully embrace that I follow the “basic” trend. Here’s some tips from me to you to help you be basic this autumn.

Typical Halloween Costumes

As Halloween approaches, you and your friend group must be thinking about the perfect group costumes. You could always be different types of fruit or social media apps.

The Coffee

My coffee obsession makes complete sense because, after all, I am a barista. But even before it was my job, I loved a good latte. To be completely basic, go to a traditional coffee shop with barista’s that are pros at latte art. Not only does the latte look amazing, but it tastes delicious as well.

Spa Night

Nothing is more basic than a spa night with your friends- at a sleepover. Living at college with my friends is like a constant sleepover, but doing face masks is a fun activity for stress relief. Pamper yourself and watch a chick flick. What’s more basic than that?

Take a Fall Hike- and Post About It

Especially in La Crosse, fall is beautiful. The colors of the trees are stunning, and naturally, I want to capture that beauty. Post a picture and inspire others!

Room Decor

I consider it a hobby of mine to decorate my dorm room. The Target dollar section is my best friend. Make sure to hang fairy lights, string up pictures, ad create a little family of succulents!


By traveling, I don’t mean buy a plane ticket and take off. Take a little road trip with friends to a state park! Or if you live in La Crosse, go down by the river or even downtown to take pictures with friends and get away from campus!

Just an English major and barista who loves to travel, hammock, and pet dogs. Psalm 46:5.
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