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Harry Styles Redefines Masculinity: An Opportunity for Society to Embrace Individuality

On November 13th 2020, U.S. Vogue released their December 2020 issue, and Harry Styles stars on the cover of it in a Gucci jacket and dress. The Vogue article “Playtime with Harry Styles” gives insight into Styles’ life, particularly his enjoyment of playing dress-up. His love of having fun with clothing can be seen in the photoshoot that accompanies the article; Styles wears skirts, bright colors, and a floor length dress to name a few. Mr. Styles embraces his femininity and redefines the way a man can look. It is a wonderful thing. Styles defeats fragile masculinity by simply wearing what he wants. 

Styles’ choice of wardrobe has certainly sparked controversy, yet his look has also been met with a significant amount of praise. However, the public discourse and opinion might be a bit different if it were a man other than Harry Styles wearing that dress. Celebrities are meant to challenge ideas, given their societal position. Here, Harry has done great work at dismantling stereotypes and redefining himself. 

Now it’s time for the world to be reciprocal. Society needs to put in the work towards acceptance and inclusivity for all. While, Harry Styles in a dress on the cover of Vogue is a great starting place, I challenge society to practice acceptance and inclusivity for not only Mr. Styles, but also for any other person who wishes to express their individuality. 

The article and photoshoot can be found here: https://www.vogue.com/article/harry-styles-cover-december-2020

Emily is a junior and UWLax's Campus Correspondent. She is studying Spanish and Computer Science. She loves hiking, going to concerts, and the color pink.
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