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Halloween 2016: Have the Perfect Costume?

October is finally here which means…HALLOWEEN! It is time to explore the depths of pinterest, kick out your creative side, and do a little Goodwill shopping. Before you think you’ve found the perfect Halloween costume, ask yourself:



You may have noticed a few of these flyers hanging around the UW-L campus. Before people start making the judgement of people being “too sensitive” in today’s World, try to step outside your own shoes. Someone may be experiencing daily struggles regarding their race, as well as their sexual orientation, gender, or other identities.


Here are just a couple tips to make sure you and everyone is having a happy Halloween:


Educate Yourself

Are you offending a specific culture? Is the “Sexy Indian” or “Mexican Mistress” really worth wearing? Any type of clothing that represents something in a specific culture can come off as offensive and rude. It can be reinforcing stereotypes about a specific culture. Just do some research before you go out and buy anything.


Don’t make yourself another color

Unless you’re being one of Willy Wonka’s oompa loompas or a Smurf, it is probably not a good idea to make yourself a whole different race.

We need to treat people with the respect they deserve. Her Campus, as well as the majority of campus, asks of you to just be mindful and have a safe, fun Halloween!

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