"Girl Power" Podcasts You Don't Want to Miss

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people dismiss podcasts, like any other thing in life-----"I want to, but I don't have time." If that's the case, unfortunately none of us do. The great thing about the nature of podcasts is you don't have to have the 20 minutes, 45 minutes, hour it takes to listen to them blocked off in your schedule. If you have time during the day to take a shower, drive to work, walk to class, exercise, whatever, then you have time to sprinkle some podcasts into your life. Maybe you want to listen to them for self improvement, knowledge, or sheer entertainment----whatever the reason, you can benefit from transforming the mindless information you ingest during the day into something positive. They can enhance any free time you have + educate you ways you may not even know!

Today, women are coming together to do some incredible things from national marches to the #MeToo hashtag to continuing to give life to the human race. Podcasts may be a small thing compared to those, but the impact they're having on women everywhere is huge. Check out these two podcasts for some kick*** women who are taking the world by storm.


RISE by Rachel Hollis

If you're all about girl power + women's success in the business world, then this is the podcast for you. You may know Rachel Hollis from her best-selling novel Girl Wash Your Face, and if you don't this is a great opportunity to check out how she's rocking her brand and making moves. Within her episodes, Rachel interviews other successful individuals in the field and gives her listeners loads of useful tools + advice on things like creating blogs, writing books, using social media platforms, being a mom, etc. In this podcast, Rachel addresses how a majority of women entrepreneurs in today's world feel the need to girly up their work and adhere to gender standards that say women can't be managers and CEOs---but not her! RISE is all about kicking those to the curb, becoming an unstoppable force, and helping other women along the way. 

Guys We F***** by Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson 

While the world is getting more comfortable with talking about sex, there is still a sort of stigmatization towards women's sexuality. Chances are, you haven't heard a podcast like this. Guys We F****** is  open, honest, and questionably uncomfortable, however that's what Corinne and Krystyna are going for in their mission to make the world more sex positive. In their pursuit to normalize women talking about their sex lives, the women bring on past sexual partners and other interesting individuals to explore different sexual topics and show their listeners, they're not alone. If you're looking for a good laugh and this comedy duo's take on some lighthearted sexual humor, then go check it out!