FYI about STI's

Sexually Transmitted Infections can be a super awkward topic, like a cover your ears and sing “La la la I can’t hear you la la la” kind of topic. But whether you are or are not sexually active these are things that are necessary for you to embrace in your life. I dove deeper into this topic for a school project last year and just want everyone to be educated when they enter that realm of their life. So here is the FYI about the STI.

Communication is Vital

Being able to talk to your partner about these things is so very important to your health and to your relationship. In fact, being able to talk about this with anyone is important, without it being so taboo. The problem starts with not feeling comfortable enough with your own body to respect it enough to talk to your partner to protect both of you from an STI.


Protect Yourself

There are so many ways to protect yourself from STI’s. First way is pretty simple, don’t be sexually active. But if that’s not your thing, use protection. Even if you are using a different form of contraception, still use protection, it’ll boost effectiveness of contraception and it will protect you from STI’s. The ways to protect yourself are very straightforward, please take advantage of them.


No Shame

There is no shame in protecting yourself and your partner. There is no shame in talking about this topic. There is no shame in seeking out resources and finding help. In fact, during my research last year, I found that 1 in 2 sexually active college-aged students will contract an STI. That’s half! I can guarantee that you are not alone so there is no shame about this topic.


Be Smart

Be smart in your decisions of who you decide to get intimate with. One night could change your health forever. Always trust your partner, and don’t rush things before you’ve had a chance to discuss these things with them.


Get Yourself Tested

It’s never a bad idea to get yourself tested. There is no harm in it, it can only help. It is a super easy process and there are so many resources around you. Getting tested will only benefit you and your partner and future relationships.

STI’s cannot be a taboo subject anymore because they are so common and need to be addressed. So many of these problems occur because no one is talking about them. Be safe and be smart!


If you have any great resources for information, comment below and share for everyone!